Dear (Insert Name),

Now that I have started this blog I am finding it hard to choose what to write about. There are so many topics that I want to talk about but I feel like you should get to know me just a little bit before I actually start going crazy with my topics. I am going to tell you just a few random fun facts about myself.

First things first, I have seven siblings. What number am I? I am number seven. So, there is a total of ten people in my family. I have one sister younger than me; everyone else is older than me. This makes me very comfortable with all ages. And, if you are wondering my age, I am fifteen years old at the present. That makes my siblings range from thirteen to twenty-nine years old. Plus, my parents are…never mind, I won’t tell you their age. Let’s just say that they are not super old, nor are they super young.

I have quite a few hobbies. I absolutely love writing, reading, baking, and photography. Those are the four things that I mention when somebody asks me of my hobbies. You will hear quite a bit about these hobbies in my letters to you. I am not going to go into detail about what I like to write…or read…or bake…or take pictures of. You will find out soon enough! And, sometimes, I may even send you a picture that I take!

I really do hope you enjoy this letters. Through them, I hope to inspire others. Even though I am not famous, I hope that you will be inspired by a simple, but crazy, real life girl.




Dear Everyone,

So, if you know me, you know that this first letter will not be only a little bit about me. Nope, I am a writer so I write a lot.

Anyway, time to begin my first letter to you. My name is Haley.

My favorite color is purple. While most people sometimes must think about their favorite color, I don’t. When somebody asks, I promptly tell them purple. Surprisingly, however, my closet is not filled with purple galore. Nope, my closet is as colorful as can be. I am happy to say that I do own a pair of purple pants. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted purple pants. Finally, this year, my mom and sisters found a pair that fit perfectly on me.

What might my middle name be? At camp when I was only eight or nine, everybody was telling each other their middle names. When they asked me, I told them that they could guess it. I said, “It starts with J and it ends with O.” Reading my phrase may be a little easier than hearing it. But, everybody starting thinking of crazy middle names. One person even thought that my middle name was Josephino. Nobody guessed that my middle name was Jo! Finally, I told them and they were shocked. They didn’t even think of that for an option. But, my middle name is Jo.

You may be wondering what I look like. For, whenever I read a blog or novel, I always wonder what the author looks like. Right now, I am going to satisfy that curiosity and tell you what I look like. I have brown hair that is (currently) just below my shoulder. It is quite wavy and sometimes even curly. Most mornings, it is really frizzy. I also have brown eyes that are as plain as plain can be. I would like to say they sparkle in the firelight or perhaps they are full of adventure, but they are simply eyes of a regular girl. I have a tan complexion. Even in the winter, I look like I have been to the beach every day. I am just an inch or two over five feet. I honestly don’t know my height right now so I am going to say I am five feet and two inches. So, I am not a very tall person. My weight? Haha, yeah, I am not going to say what my weight it. However, I will say that I am of medium build—not fat but not skinny. I am somewhere in the middle. My clothing is a mix of everything. I absolutely love the western style. I have a large jeweled belt as well as cowboy boots, plaid shirts, and anything western that you can think of. I also have quite a bit of ‘peasanty’ clothing. I love loose and flowy shirts and things like that. As for what else, I have such a mix of style that this post would be huge if I were to write every type down.

My personality is the strangest thing about me (or that is what I think). I am a mix of an extrovert and an introvert. I am very much an extrovert when I am with people who I know or am friends with. But, when I first meet somebody, it takes me a couples days to get used to him or her. You know what I mean? Just like my clothing, I am a mix of absolutely anything. I hope that through my writing and this blog you will know me so well that you would be able to spot me in a crowd at the airport.

What should you call me? Well, I said my name is Haley so you may call me that. I also said that my middle name is Jo so you may call me that too. Another names that you can call me are the following: Haley Jo, Hales, Bob (my dad always calls me Bob or Haley Bob), or you can just call me anything and I will most likely respond.

I guess that is enough about me for now. You will find out more things sooner than later.



Haley                                                                                                                                         5/31/2017